Tsegaye Degineh

Judo & Ju-Jitsu

25. September 2010

News 1 (January 08)

First Ethiopian Ju Jitsu Martial Art kick off Seminar

The First Ethiopian Ju Jitsu Martial Art kick off Seminar has been completed with success. The seminar has been supported particularly by Instructor Abdi, African Representative in the International Martial Arts Games and President of the Ethiopia-United Taekwon-do Association, Instructor Jamal and the Sport Commission. The young and energized participants came from different Martial Art schools. Despite no Tatamis, the training has taken place on the hard floor of the basket ball hall. The three days seminar was focused on the following selected Ju Jitsu Basic techniques: History and development of Ju Jitsu; Institutions of Ju Jitsu (JJIF, JJAFU, DJJV), Principle of Martial Arts, ethics, joint manipulation and lock techniques (Kensts-Waza), Throwing techniques (Nage Waza), Strike techniques (Atemi-Waza), Ground techniques (Katame-Waza), Ju Jitsu as self-defence and help in need technique, Fixing, Transporting, Controlling and Basic Stick techniques.

The sport program of the Ethiopian Television will have a report on it.