Tsegaye Degineh

Judo & Ju-Jitsu

25. September 2010

News (Nov 08)

Ju Jitsu – Martial Art Philosophy and Basic Techniques (in Amharic) is published in Ethiopia. The Book is published by me and hope that this will be useful for Ethiopia and motivate the Ethiopian abroad regarding sport.

The book delivers in Amharic language a collection of practical and realistic tactics as well as philosophy of Ju Jitsu, which originated in Japan. Ju Jitsu combines throwing, strikes and joint manipulation and locks techniques thus it’s considered as a source of many systems. The book shows the principle of Ju Jitsu that with out questioning sex, age, and health condition that any individual in a way interested and capable can use it.

The book uses Amharic, Japanese and English terminologies to teach the most important techniques and presents an array of Ju Jitsu techniques, tactics, with 830 photos. The Self-Defense tips offer insight into how to defend oneself a day to day basis. Moreover the book shows practical methods for making sure how to defend oneself by using the self defence psychology, conflict management and understanding the law. The book discusses also the methods of sport science (conditionals skills, developing training plans, etc). The Ju Jitsu techniques are demonstrated by me and his students from the Humboldt University in Germany and the practical self defence predominantly in Ethiopia.

It is dedicated to those who have not got a chance to train martial arts and to the glories Ethiopian Athletes as well as to the women who are victim of a sexual assault.